Why Arrange a Spa Test Experience?

Purchasing a Hot Tub with Kingdom Spas is an investment in to your health for 10-15 years, maybe even more. Therefore it is essential to get it right.

Our industry leading North American hot tubs offer unrivalled levels of quality, comfort and hydrotherapy.

But.. We don’t want you to take our word for it.

We want you to experience the quality of the Spas we supply for yourself and you can only do this properly by having a go.

After all, would you buy a luxury car without having test driven it first?

A spa test experience helps you to decide on the perfect Hot Tub for you and those who you invite in into it.

3 reasons to Schedule a spa test experience are:

1.The Water:

There is nothing like jumping in a hot tub of sparkling clean bubbling water but the nearest description is that lovely feeling of getting into bed with newly laundered sheets which have been drying in the sun all day. Think of the clean smell, the softness and the instant relaxation you feel.

The heat of the water helps to ease the strains of the day both in body and mind and increases cardio-output. We will explain this all during the spa test experience but more importantly, you will experience the difference in how you feel as you return home with silky smooth skin, flexible joints and a good nights’ sleep.

2.The Seats and Jets:

All of our spas are designed for maximum comfort with the ergonomically designed seats and jets in just the right places where you might need the extra hydrotherapy. We will help you to decide which hot tub is right for you once we have discussed how much you are need of specific focus on a specific area. For example: the lower lumber and shoulders are often important areas. The spa test experience will prove the benefits of having the right design of jet in the right location.

One important thing to test is whether the lounger is right for you. The water does funny things to gravity and you may ending up floating or spending much of your time trying not to float!

3. The Size of the Spa:

A dry hot tub view from the outside can be very deceptive! If you buy a hot tub too big or too small for number or people or size of garden you have then it may end up as an expensive garden ornament! Through our detailed consultative approach we will narrow down the choice with you to around 3 hot tubs… by getting in them you will then know that you have made best decision and have confidence that your choice will serve you well for a very long time!

Scheduling a Spa Test Experience:

Follow the link below and request a spa test experience.

Once of our experienced consultants will then contact you and discuss a few basic needs over the telephone and book a time with you to have your Spa Test Experience in the privacy of an empty show centre.

We can’t wait to meet you – remember your Swimming Costume and flip-flops!

We promise that a Spa Test Experience at Kingdom Spas and Hot Tubs is Quality Time Well Spent.

We can’t wait to meet you – remember to bring your Swimming Costume and flip-flops!