The Health Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is the use of water to treat a disease or to maintain or increase health. The theory behind it is that water has many properties that gives it the ability to heal or improve health. Water can store and carry heat and energy.

Water can also dissolve other substances such as minerals and salts. The intention is to ease both physical and mental symptoms, which is achieved by increasing water pressure and/or flow by the use of various types of jets. Water has been used in many cultures as a way of healing since ancient times. In the 1800s, hydrotherapy was widely practiced in Europe, with spas being built all over the continent.

Hydrotherapy has also been used to treat patients in the military, specifically soldiers who suffered from gunshot wounds.

Using hydrotherapy, a part of your physiotherapy treatment can lead to many benefits such as:

*Allows those who are unable to weight bear out of the water to stand when they are in water – the buoyancy effect of water.

Water is seen as a way of removing toxins and helping with circulation while affecting muscles.

There are different types of hydrotherapy, including compresses (which use cold or hot compresses), douches (water shot inside the body), showers (water shot on the body), and immersion (full submersion in water) Buoyancy: Our bodies naturally feel lighter in water, taking stress of our joints and muscles, which makes moving around feel effortless rather than burdensome.

Hot tub hydrotherapy is recommended by Arthritis Research UK, and its benefits are recognised by the Arthritis Foundation, and it is one of the main ways that a hot tub can help you maintain your health.

Warm temperatures help the circulation of blood and ease muscular tension. Relaxing in warm, soothing water for just a short time creates a feeling of great comfort and relaxation. The different types of jets included in a Spa are important to look for because they can give you great health benefits.

Check the jets for pressure, placement, design, quality, and quantity if you are seeking hydrotherapy from your hot tub or swim spa. The massage capabilities of your spa will determine how much your health can be improved by a hot tub.

A quality hot tub jet system will provide you with a soothing head-to-toe massage solution to ease your daily aches and pains. In this guide we aim to show the different types of massage available and the types of jets and how you can identify them.

Hydrotherapy treatments include saunas, steam baths, foot baths, sitz baths and the application of cold and hot water compresses. This guide is concerned with use of hot tubs and swim spas. The combination of hot water, powerful massage jets and innovative engineering deliver the very best hydrotherapy experience to hot tub and swim spa owners. Spas are designed to optimise the significant health and wellness benefits that have been associated for thousands of years with soaking in hot water.

The Importance Of Talking To Your Doctor

While the statements regarding the benefits of using a hot tub are proven, in no way shape or form should reading an article on the Internet serve as a substitute for seeing your doctor.

While the benefits of using a hot tub are very significant, it is still extremely important to consult to consult your GP before beginning any kind of treatment or physical program, if you’re on long term medication or have an ongoing medical condition.

Just like any sport or water sport, hydrotherapy is a physical is a physical activity and as such may not be for everybody. While we strongly recommend that everybody should consult a doctor, people suffering from the following conditions should be extra cautious:

Hot Tub jets convert the water flow from the pumps and plumbing system into a massaging action.

The jets have three main connections that are the water in, air in and an air mixture outlet. Internal valves also play a key role pushing water through to and out of the jet. The internal valves have varying sizes with corresponding responsibilities linked to the jets.

There are many different types of jets available, however the most popular jets are rotary, moving and directional. Jets are placed in specific positions to ensure they provide maximum relief to all different areas of the body.

Rotary Jets

Rotary jets move the water around in a circular motion massage a wider area. Traditionally installed in the back of a hot tub’s lounge seat they relieve tension in the neck and back by targeting the muscles of these two body areas. The moving massage jets in a hot tub, meanwhile, which are generally installed two or three in a row, provide a deep back massage, the elongated oval jet creates this effective massage by pulsating the water back and forth.

Moving Jets

Moving massage jets direct water up and down as well as horizontally to provide you with a relaxing moving massage experience. This type of jet utilises the power of the water through the plumbing to provide a powerful stream of water.

Directional Jets

These are the most common type of hot tub jet, providing targeted hydrotherapy massage. This type of jet can be adjusted to direct a powerful flow of water where you most need it. Lower specification hot tubs typically feature directional hot tubs with limited movement.

Directional jets are ideal for enhancing blood circulation as well as easing muscular tension.

A combination of jets provides the maximum effect and benefit.

Types of Massage


Inspired by traditional Chinese holistic massage therapy where the neck area is closely related to the hips. Our neck and hip jets massage inflammation and tension away.


Impulse jets are inspired by the ancient Japanese technique of Shiatsu. The pressure applied to the lower back releases pressure and tension across the whole body


Swedish massage is a whole- body therapeutic massage treatment that works on the soft tissues and muscles to help restore health - creating a calming & balancing effect on the nervous system.


Influenced by the techniques of trigger point massage therapy, a 'Power’ Sage Zone incorporates powerful jets of water positioned to maximize the benefits of an upper back massage.


Reflexology has been proven to help organ function by massaging the foot. The footwell jet provides a gentle and rhythmic massage all over your feet.