Servicing & Repairs

Hot Tub Medic is Kingdom Spas’ service and installation partner, offering servicing and repair to most makes and models of Hot Tub or Swim Spa.

We have access to a huge inventory of parts and accessories that may be required to ensure the smooth running of your Hot Tub. Our minimum labour/call-out is £102 to cover preparation and mileage expenses and the first half hour on site. All other labour starts from £48 per half hour or part thereof. These prices include VAT.

Our Maintenance Visit incorporates a full operational check, a complete drain down, clean and refill plus more.

Covers are an essential component of your Hot Tub and are expensive to replace. To extend the life of your cover, regular cleaning and conditioning is needed. Care must be taken to use the proper conditioning agents. Silicone based products are actually harmful and can accelerate cover deterioration. We only provide and use specified products that are friendly to your cover. When it is time to replace your cover Hot Tub Medic is able to source these for most makes of Hot Tub, often at a saving from the manufacturers retail price.

Whatever your hot tub service requirement, the Kingdom Spas & Hot Tub Medic partnership has a wealth of experience and information to help you maintain your spa in the best possible way for the future.

Please feel free to contact us whatever your enquiry.