Service Care Plans

Single Visits

Our Maintenance Visits incorporate a complete operations check to ensure your hot tub is working at its optimum level, a complete drain down including a blow through of pipework and removal of as much water as possible from the system. Also included is a thorough clean of the hot tub, filter and exterior cover surface; a refill of your Spa and chemicals added as necessary to recommission your spa. Prices for one off visits start from £200 including VAT for Spas and £395 for Swim Spas. For a nominal extra we can add a biofilm treatment which cleans out waste harboured within the internal pipework and mechanics of the Hot Tub and removes build-up of soap and oil deposits.

Service Care Plans

For added value Hot Tub Medic offers you Service Care, a maintenance plan that give you year-long peace of mind and helps keep your hot tub clean and safe.

Prices varying dependent on distance, choices of 2, 3 or 4 visits per year and payment type (Yearly upfront or monthly direct debit). See here for more information on our Service Care Plans.

Intensive Plans

Hot Tub Medic also offers a more intensive weekly filter service where your filter is thoroughly cleaned out, water tested and chemicals added as required. This offers you the greatest peace of mind knowing that your Hot Tub is always ready for use. It is also possible, when we come to you, for us to replenish your stock of chemicals and replace your filter if required.

We also offer a monthly check just to set your mind at rest, to help maintain good water chemistry and ensure that your Hot Tub is running at its full potential. We can also do ad hoc weekly visits (ideal for when you are away on holiday or have a busy schedule) and want your Hot Tub maintained in tip top condition during shorter term.

Please call us on 01403 711111 if you would like to discuss these options further.