Pre-Purchase and Planning

The Complete Project

At Kingdom Spas we focus on what we do best – supplying you with your dream spa. Sometimes, our customers ask us for complete management of a larger garden project. To help provide this, Kingdom Spas works with a small number of experienced landscaping/building professionals who will handle all elements of the project including the timely installation of your spa. Please contact us for details of these companies local to your area.

Any introductions to third party contractors cannot be considered as recommendation or endorsement of the contractor(s) in question.

Site Survey

For additional peace of mind, Kingdom Spas offer no-obligation site survey where we can answer any questions regarding access, siting, base and power requirements. We can also advise you on planning, design and installation, whether you are locating your spa on a existing base or including it as part of a larger project.

Crane/Hi-Ab assisted deliveries

Occasionally, when access is insufficient for a conventional delivery, a crane or Hi-ab (truck-mounted crane) may be required. Kingdom Spas can provide introductions to Crane/Hi-Ab companies in your area.

Hot Tub Buyers Guide

A Hot tub should be one of the most enjoyable purchases you should ever make, however conflicting information from various sources can often lead to confusion and indecision. To avoid this, Kingdom Spas has created a useful Hot Tub Buyers Guide to help you make your perfect spa choice.