Hot Tubs & Swim Spas by Economy

Up to £20,000

A small play pool with 2 Dual Swim and 14 Hydrotherapy jets.  Ideal for a young family who want teach swimming to beginners and then relax with the hydrotherapy at the end of the work out. 

Time to begin….

Nakura Hot Tub

£20,000 - £30,000

These small to medium sized Swim Spas have the flexibility to offer a swim area for building stamina with or without the extra hydrotherapy seats at one end.  They are single temperature units and work really well if size is limited in your garden.  4 Powerful Swim Jets propel the water towards you as you swim into it helping you to perfect your swim stroke as you aim to stay in one location.

Time to train….

EP 12 Active Plus Swim Spa

Core Swim 14 Swim Spa

£30,000 - £45,000

These larger Swim Spas offer more space and the option of a dual temperature arrangement. The EP15 has a larger swim chamber for the taller swimmer and the DT13/6 separates the hydrotherapy seats from the Swim Chamber meaning the water can be at a higher temperature as your body recovers from the professional swim and relaxes you.

Time to get serious with Swimming…

EP 15 Pro Swim Spa

DT 13 Pool Swim Spa

DTL 14 Pool Swim Spa

£45,000 +

These Swim Spas help you to get serious about health and fitness. They are our premium Performance Collection Swim Spas. Each Swim Spa features an extended swim and workout area, recovery seats with powerful hydrotherapy massage jets and much more. Take your fitness routine to the next level with the Coast Swim Spa Performance Collection with easy clean filtration system and the deepest swim chamber on the market.

Time to Swim, Exercise and Recover in absolute luxury….