Composite Gazebos

Create a safe and protected environment to enjoy your spa all year round with a composite gazebo.

Composite Gazebos in Garden Cover Photo

Composite Gazebos

Series: High Grade Composite, (PVC Roof & Timber Bar stools)

Panels: 2 Louvres
Seating: Bar with 4 Stools & Cushions.

Dimensions (cm): 280 x 280
Dimensions (inch): 110.2 x 110.2
Colours: Grey or Redwood

Perspex central roof Sky light.
Curved corners with Perspex Windows.
Water resistant, proven under salt water conditions.
Fire retardant, B1 grade.
Strongly resistance to UV.
Termite resistant.
Anti-slip, less cracking, less warping.
Easy installation and fast construction.
No painting required.
Maintenance Free.