Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pump and Control

Invertech Variable Speed Air Source Heat Pumps

Garden Pac Invertech Heat Pump are among the most silent Heat Pumps available. Powered by Twin-rotary Mitsubishi DC Inverter compressor offering balanced torque for extremely low vibration. This leads to the highest efficiency and quiet operation. The Invertech models are up to 10 times quieter than standard heat pumps offering a much-improved COP of 15+. They can offer gains in temperatures as low as -7 degrees C and can heat water up to 40°C

  • High C O P

  • Highly Energy efficient

  • Soft Start on all models

  • Complete Variable Speed. Not Stepped

  • Solid Block Heat Priority

  • Insulated Compressor

  • Simple operation

  • Digital control for increased accuracy

  • Built in WIFI

  • Includes Winter Cover

  • 40°C capacity

  • 10 Times quieter than a standard heat pump